Compatible for Volvo XC70 XC90 V70 2.5T AWD Wagon TD04L-14T Turbo Turbocharger 49377-06202

  • * OEM-Quality. Direct Replacement
  • * Ductile Iron QT450-10 - High temperature resistance (up to 700℃)
  • * K418 Alloy - Stable & High Oxidation & Temperature Resistance(up to 900℃)
  • * Cast Aluminium Blade - Good Air Tightness & Corrosion Resistance
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OEM-quality and size with little modification
Turbine housing uses cast iron withstand temperatures up to 700℃
Steel Turbine Wheel made from the special K418 alloy to achieve high oxidation resistance and stability under high temperatures up to 900℃
Cast aluminium blades with good gas tightness and corrosion resistance


Compatible for Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Wagon 4D 2006
Compatible for Volvo XC70 Base Wagon 4D 2004-2007
Compatible for Volvo X/C Wagon 4D 2003
Compatible for Volvo XC90 2.5T Sport Utility 4D 2006
Compatible for Volvo XC90 2.5T Wagon 4D 2004
Compatible for Volvo XC90 Base Sedan 4D 2003
Compatible for Volvo V70 2.5T Wagon 4D 2005-2007
Compatible for Volvo V70 2.5T AWD Wagon 4D 2004
Compatible for Volvo V70 AWD Wagon 4D 2003
Compatible for Volvo S60 2.5T AWD Sedan 4D 2004-2005
Compatible for Volvo S60 2.5T Sedan 4D 2004-2008
Compatible for Volvo S60 AWD Sedan 4D 2003
Compatible for Volvo S80 2.5T AWD Sedan 4D 2004-2006
Compatible for Volvo S80 2.5T Sedan 4D 2004-2006

OE/Part number

4937706200, 49377-06200,
4937706201, 49377-06201,
4937706202, 49377-06202,
4937706203, 49377-06203,
4937706204, 49377-06204,
4937706210, 49377-06210
4937706212, 49377-06212
4937706213, 49377-06213
4937706214, 49377-06214
30650634, 30757679, 36002369, 36012378,
8602627, 8603226, 8627809, 8692518


Turbo Model : TD04L-14T, TD04L-14T-6.0
Engine Code: B5254T, B5254T2
Cooling Type:Water + Oil Cooling
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Thrust bearings: 270 Degrees
Condition: New
Hosepower: Up to 210HP
Package Size:29*27*24 cm
Package Weight: 6620g


* Product Material
1. Turbine housing :Ductile iron QT450-10- temperature resistant up to 700℃
2. Steel turbine wheel:K418 alloy - high oxidation stability and resistance up to 900℃
3. Compressor housing:ZL104 aluminum with lightweight
4. Compressor wheel/blades:Cast aluminium blades – superior air tightness & corrosion resistance
* Product Performance
1. OEM-quality and size with little modification
2. Rich experience in turbo production and own factory
3. Quality assurance
4. High-Speed oil seal ring
5. Strict quality inspection
6. Precision clearance
* All necessary gaskets included for ease of installation

Technology Advantage

1. 100% balancing Test by TURBOTECHNICS VSR3
This Turbocharger you will receive has been balanced using the VSR machine technology. Through the comprehensive and high-precision static and dynamic balance detection technology, and reliability.
2. G3-min-Flow VNT Turbo testing
The G3-min-Flow (Air) machine can accurately measure the flow through the VGT turbo and verify that it is set to the OEM factory setting. easily adjust the critical minimum-flow stop to the correct setting before the turbocharger leaves workshop.
3. Advanced Actuator Tester/Programmer
Electronic actuator diagnostic with G3-rea-master can rewrite memory in electronic actuators and also allows to modify operation range of the actuator arm, that includes changing open and close positions of the working angle.


* Please confirm your original turbo PART NUMBER before Purchasing
* Professional installation is highly recommended
* Before installing the new turbocharger, the cause that led to the failure of the turbo must be analyzed and eliminated (e.g. insufficient oil supply, foreign bodies in the intake area, crankcase ventilation without function, etc.)!

Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect

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