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Ignition Coils

An ignition coil is an induction coil in an automobile's ignition system that transforms the battery's low voltage to the thousands of volts needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Some coils have an internal resistor, while others rely on a resistor wire or an external resistor to limit the current flowing into the coil from the car's 12-volt supply.

Ignition systems are not required for diesel engines which rely on compression to ignite the fuel/air mixture.

Maxpeedingrods provide multiple Ignition Coils for your cars and other performance auto parts, tuning car parts at affordable prices online.


For SAAB 1999-2009 9-3 9-5 2.0L 2.3L L4 Ignition Coil Pack 55559955 9197559

$154.00 $190.00

Ignition Coil Pack For Nissan Skyline R33 RB25 RB25DET R34 RB26DET S2 New

$140.00 $171.00

For Holden Cruze Opel Astra GTC J 1.4L Turbo Opel Corsa Ignition Coil Pack

$108.00 $124.00
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