Manufacturing and Supplying performance engine parts such as rods/cranks/turbos for car drivers since 2006, MaXpeedingRods has accumulated rich experience in track racing and street racing.

Today, we’re introducing a new Racers Sponsorship Program to help amateur racers and aspiring racers that possess the drive and the dreams – in the form of products&financials means. And also, we need invaluable feedback from drivers in an extremely wide range of real-world applications for the R&D department to take performance to the next level and develop new ones.

The beauty of the program is that you do not need not be a high rollin’ professional with a slick racer to be sponsored. We are interested in all kinds of racers who are enthusiastic about racing.

Sponsored Racers

Duane Mckeever

2018 PRO British Drift Champion
2020 PRO British Drift Champion

Oliver Evans

2019 PRO British Drift Champion
2020 PRO British Drift Champion Runner Up - 2nd Place Finish

Jordan Lapelosa

2020 Amateur France Drift Round 1 - 1st Place

Dustin Miles

2020 PROSPEC Formula Drift - 22nd Place Finish

Korben Johnson

2020 Event#5 Class Rank Lone Star Rallycross – 2nd Finish

Pierre Cormier

2017 PRO France Drift - 21st Place

Mika Tatjana

Queensland Drift Matsuri Driver

David Barrera Garcia

2018 PRO-2 Open Slalom Drift - 5th Place Finish

Massimo Nascetti

2015 Cat. Street Italian Drift Champion

Mads Andreasen

Runner-up of British Drift Championship 2019
2019 Nordic Drift Series - 2nd Place Finish

Matteo Schierano

2020.10.8 Cat. Street Open Italian Drift - 1st place

Motronic Ksistras

2017 Panhellenic drift - 4th place Finish

*More racers are not on the list due to typographic issues.

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Q: Who are able to participate in this program?

A: Any racers who raced before and are going to racing in 2021 and are willing to take this chance.

Q: What are types of sponsorship I can gain?

A: It depends on your car model, your history rankings as well as the influence of the events/racing/shows you will participate in.

Q: Why do you launch this program?

Firstly, we are focus on helping aspiring professional racers access to sponsorships. And secondly, we need invaluable feedback from racers for R&D department to take performance to the next level and develop new ones.

Q: What advice can you give me to help my chances of getting sponsored?

Explain details to us why you should be a part of our team and what makes you stand out; highlight your accomplishments and achievements, what records you've set, races/championships you've won, how you're involved in the motorsports community, etc.

Q: When can I submit my sponsorship proposal?

A: You can submit during 1st Apr. 2021 and 1st Dec. 2021

Q: How long does this sponsorship last after I get it?

A: It depends on the what events/shows/racing you were participated in. We will assess your proposal and determine.

Q: How can I apply for proposal?

A: You can fill out the Application Form and do what it says.

Q: Can I submit my sponsorship proposal over the phone or via email?

A: Email can be accepted, e-mail address:


We have received your proposal and
will contact you in 3-5 work days. Thank you!