4pcs 24 Damper Adjustable Suspension Coilovers Shock Absorber kits Compatible for Honda Civic 1996-2000 EK2-EK9

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Maxpeedingrods coilover kits enable you to individually adjust the ride height of your car and to improve the appearance and driving behavior. From the moment you experience a set of quality coilovers, you’ll understand it's very well worth. Integrated with 24 levels of damping adjustment, independently height adjustable, and lightweight aluminum mounts, Maxpeedingrods Coilovers are designed to take quality to a new level and provide peak performance. Every Coilover undergoes the rigorous testing and come with one year limited manufacturer's warranty. Maxpeedingrods provides performance aftermarket height adjustable coilovers suspension kit compatible for Honda series. If you demand the very best in driving comfort and performance, Maxpeedingrod coilover has a huge role to play.


Compatible For Honda Civic 1988-1991 EC ED EE EF Rear fork type bracket model only (EC8\EC9\ED2\ED3\ED4\ED5\ED6\ED7\EE1\EE2\EE3\EE4\EE5\EE9\EF1\EF2\EF3\EF4\EF5\EF9)

Compatible For Honda CR-X 1988-1991 ED EE EF Rear fork type bracket model only


Compatible For Honda Civic 1992-1995 EG EH EJ Rear fork type bracket model only (EG3\EG4\EG5\EG6\EG7\EG8\EG9\EH1\EH2\EH3\EH4\EH5\EH8\EH9\EJ1\EJ2\EJ3)

Compatible For Honda CR-X del Sol 1992-1995 EG (EG1) Rear fork type bracket model only

Compatible For Honda Civic 1996-2000 EJ EK EM Rear fork type bracket model only (EJ5\EJ6\EJ7\EJ8\EJ9\EK1\EK2\EK3\EK4\EK5\EK8\EK9\EM1)

Compatible For Acura Integra 1990 -1993 DA DB Rear fork type bracket model only

Compatible For Acura Integra 1994-2001 DC2 DC4 Rear fork type bracket model only

Note: for some vehicles, you will need sleeves and washers that are already included in our package.


Type: Lowering kit 

Height lowering range: 1''-3''

Spring pre-load setting: 10mm

Quantity: Complete set 2 front and 2 rear

Top mount: Aluminum mounts with rubber inserts (No Camber Plates) front and rear

Dampening: 24-level rebound adjustable

Spring rate front: 8kg/mm (448 lbs/in)

Spring rate rear: 5kg/mm (280 lbs/in)​

Warranty: one year of manufacturing defect

Color: Gray color


- Able to lower ride height by 1''-3''; allows user to have a more aggressive stance.

- Coilovers are 24-way adjustable. Rebound and Dampening adjustment which allows the user the ability to dial in your coilovers to any driving needs. The user can enjoy a comfortable riding experience in all road conditions.

- Twin-Tube Shock design is used for low internal frictional resistance in order to increase efficiency and keep shock temps low.

- Height adjustment does not sacrifice damper stroke length.

- These coilovers are able to have their height adjusted without being taken out of the car.

- Most components of the suspension parts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum to increase strength and rigidity.

- High Tensile strength performance spring---Tested under a 600,000 time continuous compression test, the spring distortion was less than 0.04%. Plus, the special surface treatment improves the durability and performance.

- Adjustment tools included in the kit.


- Please double confirm before placing order.

- No instruction included; Professional installation is highly recommended.

- Please check our store for other auto parts you may be interested in.

- Please feel free to contact us for whatever we can help.

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How To Install MaXpeedingRods Coilovers On A 1990 Honda Civic


Editor’s Note: One of our friends James Moore, the owner of the Youtube channel has built his 1990 Honda Civic with MaXpeedingRods Adjustable Coilover. He also explained how to install the coilover step by step. The methods used in this video are the same for Honda Civic from the year 1988 to 2000. Check the video.

Below are the most important steps excerpted from the video.

Install the front coilover

Step 1:  Break the lug nuts loose(it will be easier to remove the wheel later) and jack the car up in the air.
Step 2: Secure Jack A Stand.

Step 3: Now remove the wheel.

Step 4: Remove the two 10mm bolts and two 12mm bolts securing the brake line.
Step 5: Take off the 17mm upper control arm nut.
Step 6: Remove lower 17mm nut and bolt and upper 14mm nuts on the strut.
Step 7: Move all the brake lines out of the way and remove the strut. Don’t forget that the arrow shape should point towards the front of the car. It always goes in the front on both sides.

Step 8: After getting the front shock off, you need to adjust to the height you want using the spanner provided. Pay attention to how does the new coilover matches the old one.

Step 9: Now remove the fork from the old strut and install it on to the new coilover.
Step 10: Install strut back into the car the same way you removed it. Make sure all bolts and nuts are tightened. You can adjust the damper to make it as stiff or soft as you need.

Install the rear coilover

Step 11: Move to the rear of the vehicle and remove lower 14mm bolts. It might be a bit difficult to remove, so please be more patient and don’t break bolts off. Make sure to use plenty of penetrants and let it sit and soak.

Step 12:  Remove upper two 14mm nuts.

Step 13: Remove the old strut and install the new one the same way you removed the old one.

Step 14: Put it all back together and lower the car back on the ground.

Now as with all great projects, taking each part step by step and making sure to double-check your work are very crucial to proper ride comfort and safety. 

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