Compatible for Mitsubishi L200 L300 2.5L 4D56T 49177 Oil Cooled TD04-09B Turbo Charger

  • * OEM-Quality. Direct Replacement
  • * Ductile Iron QT450-10 - High temperature resistance (up to 700℃)
  • * K418 Alloy - Stable & High Oxidation & Temperature Resistance(up to 900℃)
  • * Cast Aluminium Blade - Good Air Tightness & Corrosion Resistance
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OEM-quality and size with little modification
Turbine housing uses cast iron withstand temperatures up to 700℃
Steel Turbine Wheel made from the special K418 alloy to achieve high oxidation resistance and stability under high temperatures up to 900℃
Cast aluminium blades with good gas tightness and corrosion resistance


A turbocharger (also called turbo), is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. The key difference between a turbocharger and a conventional supercharger is precisely that a turbocharger is powered by a turbine driven by the engine's exhaust gas. A turbo consists of a compressor, a cartridge, a turbine and an exhaust valve. Maxpeedingrods provides turbochargers to enhance overall engine performance compatible for Mitsubishi series.


Compatible for Mitsubishi Pajero I 2.5 TD 64kw 1986-1989
Compatible for Mitsubishi Pajero I 2.5 TD 70kw 1989-1990
Compatible for Mitsubishi Pajero II 2.5 TD 64kw 1990-1991
Compatible for Mitsubishi L200 2.5 TD 64kw 4WD 1992-1996
Compatible for Mitsubishi L300 2.5 td 64kw 4WD 1988-1996
Compatible for Mitsubishi Shogun 2.5 TD 1984-1991
Compatible for Mitsubishi Trition 2.5 TD 1988-1996
Compatible for Mitsubish Delica 2.5 TD 1988-1996
Compatible for Mitsubishi Express 2.5 TD 1988-1996

OEM Number

49177-01500, 49177-01500,
49177-01501, 49177-01501,
49177-01510, 4917701510,
49177-01511, 4917701511,
MD168053, MD168054, MD094740,MD106720
Note: this oil cooled turbo could be replaced by 49177-01513/49177-01515(water+oil cooled model), but need to close water hole.


* Exhaust (Turbo Manifold) Flange: 3 Bolt
* Exhaust Outlet Flange: 3 Bolt
* Cooling Type: Oil Cooled
* Turbo Model: TD04, TD04-09B
* Engine: 4D56, 4D56DE
* Horsepower: 64/70KW
* Bearing Type: Journal Bearing


- High nickel alloy shell with high temperature resistance.
- Aluminum blades with precision machining forging.
- Turbine-driven forced induction device.
- Enhance engine power and reduce energy consumption.
- Improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.


- Please confirm your old turbo part number can match up with one of the part numbers above.
- The flange of turbine outlet is 3-bolts,not 5-bolts.
- Please be sure to check your engine code 4D56/4D56DE is before purchasing.
- Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included).
- For any needs please contact us.

Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect

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