Turbo Cartridge compatible for VW Compatible for AUDI A3 compatible for SEAT GOLF BV39 Turbocharger CHRA

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Compatible for VW T5 Transporter 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI AXB 2003-2009

Compatible for VW T5 Transporter 85HP 63KW 1.9TDI AXC  2003-2009

Compatible for VW Bora 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI 2000-2005

Compatible for VW Golf 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI 2000-2010

Compatible for VW Polo 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI 2002-2009

Compatible for VW Caddy III 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2004-2010

Compatible for VW Golf V 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE / BXF / BRU 2003-2009

Compatible for VW Golf V 90HP 66KW 1.9TDI BRU / BXF / BXJ 2004-2008

Compatible for VW Jetta III 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2005-2010

Compatible for VW Passat B6 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2005-2010

Compatible for VW Touran 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2004-2010

Compatible for VW Touran 90HP 66KW 1.9TDI BRU / BXF / BXJ 2004-2010

Compatible for Audi A3 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI (8L) 2000-2003

Compatible for Audi A3 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI (8L) BJB / BKC / BXE 2003-2010

Compatible for Seat Cordoba 115HP 85KW 1.9TDI BVK 2002-2006

Compatible for Seat Ibiza III 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI 2002-2009

Compatible for Seat Altea 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2004

Compatible for Seat Leon 90HP 66KW 1.9TDI BXF 2007-2010

Compatible for Seat Leon 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BKC, BLS, BXE 2005-2010 (新增)

Compatible for Seat Toledo III 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2004-2009

Compatible for Skoda Fabia 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI AXR 2002-2010

Compatible for Skoda Octavia 100HP 74KW 1.9TDI AXR 2000-2005

Compatible for Skoda Octavia II 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE /BLS 2004-2010

Compatible for Skoda Superb II 105HP 77KW 1.9TDI BJB / BKC / BXE 2008-2010


Note:  Don't fit for Garrett turbocharger with Part Number 751851-3, 751851-0003 with for GT1646V model.  This cartridge just fit for BorgWarner turbocharger with  below Part number:

Cartridge OE/PN number: 


Turbo OE number:

54399700001, 5439-970-0001, 54399880001, 5439-988-0001,

54399700006, 5439-970-0006, 54399880006,  5439-988-0006, 

54399700007, 5439-970-0007, 54399880007,5439-988-0007,

54399700008, 5439-970-0008,  54399880008, 5439-988-0008,

54399700009, 5439-970-0009, 54399880009, 5439-988-0009,

54399700010, 5439-970-0010, 54399880010, 5439-988-0010

5439-970-0011, 54399700011, 54399880011, 5439-988-0011, 

54399700017, 5439-970-0017, 54399880017, 5439-988-0017,

54399700018, 5439-970-0018,  54399880018, 5439-988-0018,

54399700019, 5439-970-0019, 54399880019, 5439-988-0019,

54399700020, 5439-970-0020, 54399880020, 5439-988-0020, 

54399700021, 5439-970-0021, 54399880021, 5439-988-0021

54399700022, 5439-970-0022, 54399880022, 5439-988-0022,

54399700024, 5439-970-0024, 54399880024, 5439-988-0024,

54399700026, 5439-970-0026,  54399880026, 5439-988-0026

54399700097, 5439-970-0097, 54399880097, 5439-988-0097, 

KP39-008, KP39-009, KP39-010,KP39-026, 

BV39-018, BV39-019, BV39-020, 

KP399700007,  KP399700008, KP399700009, KP399700010,



Condition:New & Factory Balanced
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above


- Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above
- Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
- It is for repairing or rebuilding the complete turbo
- For any needs please contact us

Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect

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"We're at 16 pounds of boost right now and it's making 500 horsepower so I'm really happy with it."
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