3000 Rated and 3500 Peak Watts Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator for outdoor camping camping outdoor party garden courtyard RV travel

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Suitable for outdoor camping / camping, outdoor party, garden courtyard, outdoor wedding, RV travel, emergency use of family power failure in extreme weather, etc.


Running Watts 3000W
Peak Watts 3500W
Fuel Type Gasoline
Oil Type 10W30
Engine 4-stroke 145cc OHV
Running Amps 12.5A
Peak Amps 14.6A
Compatible for AC voltage 240V
Compatible for AC Frenquency 50hz
Starting System recoil start
Volume Level (23 Feet) 58dB
Fuel Tank Capacity 4L
Quarter-Load Runtime 8.3h
50% load Runtime 4.5h
Engine Displacement 145cc
Low Oil LED Alert Yes
Overload LED Alert Yes
Output Ready LED Alert Yes
Eco-mode Yes
Parallel Ready  Yes
Generator size L*W*H 48×29×44cm
Package size L*W*H 51*32*47.5mm
Net Weight  21kgs
Gross Weight 23.5kgs
Outlets One 240V 15 Amp Outlets,One DC 12V/8.3A Outlets,Two USB Outlets.


1.EPA CARB Certification. PS: CARB compliance model need to be customised

2.ISO 9001:2015 Certificated

Package included

1 x Inverter Generator

1 x Spark Plug Socket Wrench 

1 x Owner Manual 

1 x Oil Funnel

1 x AU Plug

1 x Generator Parallel Cables

1 x Generator Cover

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug


Maxpeedingrods warrants all the inverter generators against defects in workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser ("Warranty Period"),  and free lifetime technical support and customer service.


1. 3500 starting watts, 3000 running watts and up to 8.3 hours run time.

2. Lightweight, just 47 pounds,easy transport and storage.

3. "ECO Mode", fuel efficiency and reduce noise.

4. Clean power for safe charging of sensitive electronics.

5. Quiet operation of 58dB is perfect for camping, RV travel and more.

6. Double your power with parallel capability.

7. Featuring automatic low oil and overload protection.


1. Applicable altitude: areas below 5000ft. More than 5000ft will affect its stability and power.

2. Optimum working ambient temperature of generator: 77 ℉. Normal working temperature: 5 ° f to 104 ° F. if the generator is used below 5 ° F, its startability will be affected and the generator is difficult to start; If the generator is used above 104 ° F, its power will be affected, the power will drop; and too high temperature, it will unsafe to use.

3. Do not pull the pull rope to start the machine without refilling oil. Starting the generator without refilling oil can cause permanent damage to the internal engine components.


A generator's exhaust contains toxic carbon monoxide, which you cannot see or smell. Breathing carbon monoxide can KILL YOU IN MINUTES. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, follow the manufacturer's instructions when operating a generator.

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Mel's Big Van Small World
31.4K subscribers
Living off grid and having no access to mains power. The maxpeedingrods generator has been a game changer allowing me to use my old power tools to keep my home on wheels looking and running great. Living off grid in winter is challenging. One of the biggest challenges is power especially when relying on solar power in the past I have suffered power problems. This winter is going to be not difficult all thanks to maxpeedingrods.
One Man and His Whippet
13.9K subscribers
I must say I was very impressed with the MaXpeedingRds MXR3300 petrol generation when I tested it. The unit is very easy to use, has great power and probably the most impressive part is the low noise. As a lower cost but still great quality this unit is a good cost-effective alternative to lithium solar generators for camping, home use and on building sites or even on farms
Travel Trolls TV
34.5K subscribers
We were impressed by the MaXpeedingRods generator, we were surprised at how good and quiet it was.
22.1K subscribers
For more than three years now I have been dealing with self-sufficient power supply. In all this time I have dealt with the most diverse types of power generation and power storage. From wind, over solar energy up to the pedal generator, which is operated with muscle power. However, I only experience final security and guaranteed electricity self-sufficiency with the powerful but economical Maxpeedinrods generators. This means that I am independent of the power grid even in bad weather and even in winter. In my household all devices I can operate with it, since a clean sine wave by the integrated inverter also supplies the fine electronics. My accumulators are loaded by the callable and enormous achievement within shortest time. The consumption and the emissions regarding noise and exhaust fumes are relatively low. Last but not least, the solid workmanship is an aspect that I would like to mention here.
10.7K subscribers
Hey, I'm Christopher from Lowmolewerkz! Since we have the emergency power supply from Maxpeedingrods, we use it regularly! The consumption is within limits, and the device is just nice and quiet! Especially in the garden, I prefer to take the generator with me than to lay cables!
Moore Motorsports Garage
99.8K subscribers
I really enjoy how easy it is to start the maxpeedingrods generator and how easy it is to work on if it ever needs maintenance. One thing I recommend doing is a oil change after the first hour of use then after 100 hours of use or Sooner. It’s super quiet and last a long time on a single tank of fuel! It’s a really nice unit and for the price it’s a good deal all around. So to recap on it all. It’s light weight, easy to work on, quiet and priced just right. Highly recommend
FAB Automotive Detailing
42.9K subscribers
The generator came in a nice box and was packaged up nicely and tight with styrofoam. It came with instructions, spark plug tool and parallel wires so you can run 2 generators at once if you need a lot more power. All I had to do was add oil and it was ready to go. I tested multiple things with the generator including my campers A/C and it never even bogged down. The most impressive part is how quiet it is. You can literally stand over it and have a conversation without raising your voice. The small footprint makes it easy to store without it taking up to much space.
One Up The Sleeve Customs
10.3K subscribers
I love it super quality stood up to all my tests easy to start and very quiet
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