ECU Buyer's Guide

Buying an ECU for your car can sometimes be a daunting and confusing task. At, it is our mission to make that task as an easy and painless as possible. This Buyer's Guide is designed to answer any questions you may have during your search for the right ECU for your car, and how to buy an ECU on our website.

What is an ECU?

An engine control unit (ECU), also commonly called an engine control module (ECM) or powertrain control module (PCM), is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. It does this by reading values from a multitude of sensors within the engine bay, interpreting the data using multidimensional performance maps (called lookup tables), and adjusting the engine actuators. Before ECUs, air–fuel mixture, ignition timing, and idle speed were mechanically set and dynamically controlled by mechanical and pneumatic means.
For extremely old or rare vehicles, sometimes cores are difficult to find. In the case that we do not have any cores available, you do have the option to send us your old core for us to rebuild. As long as the housing of the rack is not damaged or cracked, we can rebuild the rack for you. Typically the turnaround time for rebuilding steering racks is 2 weeks.

How does the ECU in my car work?

MaXpeedingrods ECU is installed between the engine's ECU and the sensors, it run with our own software that we modified to optimizes the electronic signals to and from the engine, which can improve the parameters set by the manufacturer, it can unlock the most of your car's potential performance.

Why buy ECU at MaXpeedingRods?

MaXpeedingrods extranal computer has no physical changes made to the engine, we only modify and adjust the pressure sensor signal and then transmit it to the original ECU of engine. It's tested and safe. It is easily installed; you can plug it in and remove it as you wish.


Non-destructive installation: Does not affect the original car warranty & quality inspection.
Simple operation: you can install it by yourself.
One Year Warranty

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How to install an ECU in a car?

Step 1
Turn off the switch of ignition, lock the car, wait 3 minutes
Open the engine compartment cover
Step 3
Open the engine compartment cover
Step 4
Find sensor A, unplug the original factory plug, and insert the docked external computer plug
Step 5
Find sensor B, unplug the original factory plug, and insert the docked external computer B plug
Step 6
Fix the computer and wiring harness with cable ties or 3M stickers
Step 7
Fix the computer and wiring harness with cable ties or stickers