Solenoid Oil Control Valve compatible for BMW N42 N45 N46 N62 N73 E81 E87 E90 6 Series X5 X3

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Compatible for BMW 1'Series:

E81 (118i N46N / 120i N46N) 09.2006 - 12.2011

E82 (120i N46N) (06.2009 - 10.2013)

E87 (118i N46 / 120i N46) (03.2003 - 02.2007)

E87 Facelift (16i 1.6 N45N / 118i N46N / 120i N46N) (02.2006 - 06.2011)

E88 (118i N46N / 120i N46N) (11.2006 - 10.2013)

Compatible for BMW 3'Series:

E46 (316Ci N40 / 316Ci N45 / 316i N40 / 316i N42 / 316i N45 / 316i N46 / 316ti N40 / 316ti N42 / 316ti N45 / 316ti N46 / 318Ci N42 / 318Ci N46 / 318i N42 / 318i N46 / 318ti N42 / 318ti N46)

E90 (316i N45 / 316i N45N / 318i N46 / 318i N46N / 320i N46 / 320i N46N / 320si N45) (02.2004 - 09.2008)

E90 Facelift (316i N45N / 318i N46N / 320i N46N) (07.2007 - 12.2011)

E91 (318i N46 / 318i N46N / 320i N46 / 320i N46N) (03.2004 - 08.2008)

E91Facelift (318i N46N / 320i N46N) (03.2008 - 05.2012)

E92 (320i N46N) (09.2006 - 02.2010)

E92Facelift (320i N46N) (09.2009 - 06.2013)

E93 (320i N46N) (09.2005 - 02.2010)

E93Facelift (320i N46N) (09.2009 - 08.2013)

Compatible for BMW 5'Series:

E60 ( 540i N62N / 545i N62 / 550i N62N) (02.2002 - 02.2007)

E60Facelift (520i N46N / 520Li N46N / 540i N62N / 550i N62N) (11.2005 - 12.2009)

E61 (545i N62 / 550i N62N) (11.2002 - 02.2007)

E61Facelift (550i N62N) (11.2005 - 03.2010)

Compatible for BMW 6'Series:

E63 (645Ci N62 / 650i N62N) (05.2002 - 07.2007)

E63Facelift (650i N62N) (04.2006 - 07.2010)

E64 (645Ci N62 / 650i N62N) (09.2002 - 07.2007)

E64 Facelift (650i N62N) (04.2006 - 07.2010)

Compatible for BMW 7'Series:

E65 (735i N62 / 740i N62N / 745i N62 / 750i N62N / 760i N73 / Compatible for ALPINA B7 N62) (02.2000 - 07.2008)

E66 (735Li N62 / 740Li N62N / 745Li N62 / 750Li N62N / 760Li N73) (06.2000 - 07.2008)

E67 (745LiS N62 / 760LiS N73) (10.2002 - 06.2008)

Compatible for BMW X1 Series:

E84 (X1 18i N46N) (09.2008 - 06.2015)

Compatible for BMW X3 Series:

E83 (X3 2.0i N46) (05.2003 - 07.2006)

E83 Facelift (X3 2.0i N46) (03.2006 - 08.2010)

Compatible for BMW X5 Series:

E53 (X5 4.4i N62 / X5 4.8is N62) (01.2003 - 09.2006)

E70 (X5 4.8i N62N) (02.2006 - 03.2010)

Compatible for BMW Z Series:

E85 (Z4 2.0i N46) (06.2004 - 08.2008)

For US Market:

2004-2005 compatible for BMW 545I 4.4L 4398CC V8 DOHC

2011-2013 compatible for BMW 550I 4.4L 4395CC V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2010-2010 compatible for BMW 550I 4.8L 4799CC 293CU. IN. V8 DOHC

2006-2009 compatible for BMW 550I 4.8L 4799CC V8 DOHC

2006-2010 compatible for BMW 550I 4.8L 4837CC V8 DOHC

2004-2005 compatible for BMW 645CI 4.4L 4398CC V8 DOHC

2012-2012 compatible for BMW 650I 4.4L 4395CC 268CU. IN. V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2012-2012 compatible for BMW 650I 4.4L 4395CC V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2006-2010 compatible for BMW 650I 4.8L 4837CC V8 DOHC

2002-2005 compatible for BMW 745I 4.4L 4398CC V8 DOHC

2009-2013 compatible for BMW 750I 4.4L 4395CC V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2011-2012 compatible for BMW 750I 4.4L 4395CC V8 ELECTRIC/ DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2006-2008 compatible for BMW 750I 4.8L 4799CC V8 DOHC

2006-2008 compatible for BMW 750I 4.8L 4837CC V8 DOHC

2004-2006 compatible for BMW 760I 6.0L 5972CC V12 DOHC

2011-2012 compatible for BMW ALPINA B7 4.4L 4395CC V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2007-2008 compatible for BMW ALPINA B7 4.4L 4398CC V8 DOHC SUPERCHARGED

2011-2013 compatible for BMW X5 4.4L 4395CC 268CU. IN. V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2010-2013 compatible for BMW X5 4.4L 4395CC V8 DOHC TURBOCHARGED

2000-2006 compatible for BMW X5 4.4L 4398CC V8 DOHC

2005-2010 compatible for BMW X5 4.8L 4799CC V8 DOHC

2004-2010 compatible for BMW X5 4.8L 4837CC V8 DOHC


Main Material: Metal

Size: 109mm*55mm

OEM&PART NUMBER: 11367560462 , 11360410035 , 11361707323 , 11360149817

Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

Condition: 100% brand new

Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect


- Please double confirm before ordering.

- No instruction included; Professional installation and alignment suggested.

- Please check our store for other auto parts you may be interested in.

- For any needs please contact us.

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